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Who am i?

I’m a big ol’ scripted editor and sound designer based right here in LOS ANGELES CALIFORNIA.


I specialize in scripted comedy and drama. I’m actually comedy trained meself with extensive improv and sketch experience through UCB, Second City, and the Groundlings. 


I’ve edited and designed for some of LA’s top funny people, like Steve-O, Shane Mauss, Drew Tarver, Blake Rosier, and Bank of America - among many other fine and talented personage. Also just finished cutting a very serious and important film entitled “Titanic 666.” It’s a Tubi Original Feature!


I also write, shoot, direct, and produce!

But thats neither here nor here.

(It is however, there).


I’ve won awards both for best editing and best sound design at film festivals that you’ve never heard of. 


And one time, In 2016, Vulture wrote an article about a sketch i directed/edited entitled: “Is This the Best Character Piece on Youtube?” So. I might be the voice of a generation, or something. 


TLDR: I love you!

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